Saturday, July 21, 2012

Website Defender protects your website or blog

Have your website ever been attacked by hackers. I have faced hackers attack thrice in my life. Nowadays all websites are under the danger of hacking. Whether it is the website of an established company or a small individual blog, hackers attack it and inject malicious links and software in your website. Such an attacked website is not secure, and Google may reject it or label it as suspicious. How can we save our websites from hackers and malwares? Website Defender is the best answer for saving website from hackers attack.

What is Website Defender?

Website Defender is a user friendly online security monitoring service which protects your Word Press website or blog from hackers and malware. It detects hackers and malware automatically with its security scan. Website Defender takes automatic backup, and when there is any suspicious activity detected, it stops the backup. You will get an uninfected backup to restore your website. It gives timely alert about any suspicious activities and also gives directions to fix any problem detected. With this activated Website Defender, a webmaster can experience peace of mind.

Website Defender Free Edition

You can register with Website Defender free of cost and can avail monthly scan and basic security check. With this free edition, you can experience the convenience of Website Defender free of cost. Register and use Website Defender Free of cost. The Registration is free of cost, and it is not necessary to upgrade to the pro edition, unless you need more useful services.

Website Defender Pro Edition

Website Defender Pro Edition is coming with the following features.

Deep Security Check for Malware

It could find infected website files, injected malware links, backdoors, Shell Scripts,  root exploits etc.

Automatic Backups and Easy Restoration

The Website Defender takes back-up of the entire website and data automatically and allows you to restore it with a few mouse clicks, if there is hackers attack or malware attack. It will not take back-up, if there is any suspicious activity detected. So you will get an uninfected backup every time, and you can restore after any such activity and your website will remain pure and clean.

Scans external URL Blacklisted by Google

Website Defender Checks website URLs and all external URLs linked in your website against Google Blacklist. You can remove such URL and can avoid the problems of Google Panda updates and Google Penguin Updates.

It also notifies File Changes Notification (file integrity validation), Security Checks for Word Press, Safety of plug-ins and themes, Protection of Database, Security of your Word Press installation etc.

Website Defender also provides information such as uptime and down alerts, errors in PHP code, Addition and deletion of Word Press Plug-ins, Version of Word Press, plug-ins and themes and many more.

Find Website Defender and See How it Works

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