Friday, June 15, 2012

How to beat Google Penguin Update and get traffic

Recently ( on 24th April, 2012) the Google Update (Google Penguin Update) affected a lot of websites. The websites solely depended on Google and other search engines have great loss and somebody are now selling off their websites. Google always changes its algorithm through its updates like Google Panda Update and Google Penguin update. This is for increasing their search result quality.
Earlier external and internal links are valuable for search engines and now Google says that these links must be backed with a meaningful anchor test. If your back link is for free eBook the anchor test also should be free eBook or such related terms, if not you won’t get the benefit of such back link and may penalize you.
In such a phenomena any other type of traffic must be followed by website owners and affiliates. It is not beneficial to get all traffic from paid advertising.  So the Click bank Guru Harvey Segal came with a new strategy which gets a lot of traffic to your website and also a lot of sales. He narrates his new methodology through a free eBook which reveals all aspects of such traffic and money making.
The important thing is that he gives out this Valuable eBook free of cost and he does not demand anything from you. You should not give your email ID or any personal information for downloading the eBook. I also do not ask you the email ID or any personal information from your. Just click here and download the eBook and go through it carefully to learn the new technique.

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  1. Great post Jerry! I have been reading anything and everything I can find about the Penguin Update because I just started a career with a SEO company and this was so helpful. Thank you for sharing this with us!


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