Saturday, July 21, 2012

Website Defender protects your website or blog

Have your website ever been attacked by hackers. I have faced hackers attack thrice in my life. Nowadays all websites are under the danger of hacking. Whether it is the website of an established company or a small individual blog, hackers attack it and inject malicious links and software in your website. Such an attacked website is not secure, and Google may reject it or label it as suspicious. How can we save our websites from hackers and malwares? Website Defender is the best answer for saving website from hackers attack.

What is Website Defender?

Website Defender is a user friendly online security monitoring service which protects your Word Press website or blog from hackers and malware. It detects hackers and malware automatically with its security scan. Website Defender takes automatic backup, and when there is any suspicious activity detected, it stops the backup. You will get an uninfected backup to restore your website. It gives timely alert about any suspicious activities and also gives directions to fix any problem detected. With this activated Website Defender, a webmaster can experience peace of mind.

Website Defender Free Edition

You can register with Website Defender free of cost and can avail monthly scan and basic security check. With this free edition, you can experience the convenience of Website Defender free of cost. Register and use Website Defender Free of cost. The Registration is free of cost, and it is not necessary to upgrade to the pro edition, unless you need more useful services.

Website Defender Pro Edition

Website Defender Pro Edition is coming with the following features.

Deep Security Check for Malware

It could find infected website files, injected malware links, backdoors, Shell Scripts,  root exploits etc.

Automatic Backups and Easy Restoration

The Website Defender takes back-up of the entire website and data automatically and allows you to restore it with a few mouse clicks, if there is hackers attack or malware attack. It will not take back-up, if there is any suspicious activity detected. So you will get an uninfected backup every time, and you can restore after any such activity and your website will remain pure and clean.

Scans external URL Blacklisted by Google

Website Defender Checks website URLs and all external URLs linked in your website against Google Blacklist. You can remove such URL and can avoid the problems of Google Panda updates and Google Penguin Updates.

It also notifies File Changes Notification (file integrity validation), Security Checks for Word Press, Safety of plug-ins and themes, Protection of Database, Security of your Word Press installation etc.

Website Defender also provides information such as uptime and down alerts, errors in PHP code, Addition and deletion of Word Press Plug-ins, Version of Word Press, plug-ins and themes and many more.

Find Website Defender and See How it Works

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some Web-hosting service allows spammers or hackers.

Webhosting service allows spammers. Can you believe this? This may be a controversy, but it is correct. When I start my first website, I started it with blogger and after words I choose a domain name for the same. After few months, I shifted my website to wordpess with a hosting service, which offer unusually low cost hosting but unlimited. After a few months when I was getting more visitors, my website hacked by hackers. It was a new experience for me, and after getting help from some forums and I wrote to my web hosting service, and they helped me to get out of hacking.

Unfortunately, this happened two more times to my website. At last I shifted to my present web hosting service and till now even after two years My website never attacked by hackers. You might think that why I wrote this, I got this inspiration when I saw an SEO tips in Auto-ping dot com.

So when you host your website, do not allow such web hosting services to host your site. All your effort may lose within no time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Write New Articles: How to write attractive articles

Write New Articles: How to write attractive articles: When you start writing an article, the first and foremost aim is your readers. Give original quality content to your readers. They will a...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

FAQs of high paying affiliate programs

What is an affiliate program? You must have asked this ever in your life. Affiliate program is selling any product and earn commission. You may think that why selling any product or anybodies product. Why do not sell own products? The answer is when selling your own product you must produce the product, distribute the product and should take all risk of sending the product to the buyer and do all after sales service. For an affiliate, this is not necessary. An affiliate should introduce the product before the buyer and the duty of affiliate over here. The rest is with the seller or distributing agency.

How affiliate program work on the internet?

Affiliate program with the internet is remarkably easy. Just join with the affiliate program and send or place the affiliate link through email to your mail list, social networking site or through your own blog or website. Bring traffic to your website, and get sales.

How can I join with an affiliate program?

It is easy to join with an affiliate program. Just sign up with the website of the affiliate program. First go through the terms and conditions and if you can follow them join with them and earn money by referring their product.

Which Affiliate program is suitable for me?

You can see a lot of affiliate programs on the internet. First you join with a reputable affiliate program which is suitable for you. Some affiliate programs sells a lot of variety items. Then you can choose one of them which are more suitable for you to promote. Join with an affiliate program which gives you an excellent commission and low pay out. First time you join with an affiliate program which offers around 40% commission. You must get at least $25 per sale.

Share a Sale affiliate program

Share a sale is an affiliate program which is acceptable to join and promote products. They have a variety of products with attracting commission. The products are suitable for any niche. They pay monthly through PayPal or direct transfer to your bank account. The minimum payout is $50, and one sale maybe enough to cover this minimum required amount.

Friday, July 6, 2012

How to improve your credit score

Any time a loan provider denied your loan application. Do you have the same experience of denying a credit card application? One of the main reason of denying your loan application or credit card application is your poor credit score. Your credit score shows that whether you payback the loan without dues or will you pay the credit card bill in time. Your utility bill payment and pay back histories noted by credit reporting agencies. They will provide information when required by loan providers or credit card providers. Your poor credit score reduce the possibility of getting a loan and also reduce the chance of getting a new credit card.

Credit card suppliers and loan providers may approve your application only with high interest rate, because they consider that you are a high risky person to pay off loan amount or credit card bill. Some time a telephone company also may deny your application for a new connection due to your poor bill paying history.

Do not worry, you can improve your credit score by completing the following tips.

Collect your credit report from various credit bureaus. From this credit report, you can know the negative points which adversely affect your credit score. You can compare your credit scores from different credit score agencies. Compare why your credit score is extremely poorYou can solve those and can improve your credit score. There may be any mistake which you have already paid off a debt, and the agencies recorded it as an unpaid debt. Correct it by sending them the proof of payment with a letter to rectify the error. If there is such a mistake, the credit bureaus are liable to rectify it, when they realize the mistake.

Pay off your debt. Pay off your unpaid debt and credit card bill wholly or partly. It will help to increase your credit score.

Pay all your bills in time. This is the best way you can improve your credit score. Pay off all your bills including credit card bills and utility bills in the due date or early. It will automatically and quickly improve your credit score.

Get a new credit card. Try to get a new credit card and it will increase your credit score even if you are not using it. Just keep it will you as an active credit card. Your credit score will automatically increase.

Do not use full credit limit of your credit cardYou should not evacuate the full credit limit of your existing credit card. Use only 60% to 70% of the total credit limit. If you empty your credit card limit every time, your credit score will be less and keep in mind that pay the full credit card bill in time.

Do not close your unused credit card. If you already have a credit card and you are not using it, do not close it. Keep it active and it will help you increase your credit score.

Increase your credit limit other than open a new credit card. If you have two or three credit cards of different companies, do not add one more credit card. Try to increase the credit limit of the existing credit card. This also improves your credit score.

To improve your credit score, and get approved a newly applied loan or a new credit card, pay off all your bills in time and prove that you are punctual in paying off your loan and bills. The loan approval and credit card companies and loan providers come to you with new offers and you application will not reject any time.

How Credit card helps to improve your credit score

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