Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some Web-hosting service allows spammers or hackers.

Webhosting service allows spammers. Can you believe this? This may be a controversy, but it is correct. When I start my first website, I started it with blogger and after words I choose a domain name for the same. After few months, I shifted my website to wordpess with a hosting service, which offer unusually low cost hosting but unlimited. After a few months when I was getting more visitors, my website hacked by hackers. It was a new experience for me, and after getting help from some forums and I wrote to my web hosting service, and they helped me to get out of hacking.

Unfortunately, this happened two more times to my website. At last I shifted to my present web hosting service and till now even after two years My website never attacked by hackers. You might think that why I wrote this, I got this inspiration when I saw an SEO tips in Auto-ping dot com.

So when you host your website, do not allow such web hosting services to host your site. All your effort may lose within no time.

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